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20160415_101940[1]When I began this blog, it was mostly just to journal my cancer experience since I have a positive outlook but a terrible memory and figured 5 years from now I wasn’t going to remember the details of the beginning.  I made it public so that my friends and family could follow along thus saving me having to repeat the same story numerous times over.

But I joined a TNBC cancer support group on FaceBook and suddenly I have numerous followers who don’t already know me.  So I figured I should properly introduce myself.  Knowing more about who I am and my background will help explain my choices and my unique perspective on all of this.

First of all, my cancer stats:

  • 3/23/16:  Found the lump
  • 4/4/16:  TNBC cancer diagnosis
  • 4/19/16: bi lateral mastectomy
  • Pathology:  TNBC, stage 1, grade 3.  1.8cm.  NO node involvement, clear margins after surgery.  Primary cancer.  Now considered NED.
  • 7/21/16:  Tumor returned – still stage 1
  • 8/4/16:  Chemo began

My personal stats:

  • 47 years old
  • Ht:  5’5″    Wt:  noneya!  lol – but better than it ever was.  🙂
  • Divorced,  2 adult children, 2 cats.  Lives in Atlanta, GA

I am a firm believer in the body’s own healing abilities and in the power of prayer.

I can’t say for sure how my story will end but of course I hope it the pages in between will count for something.  Thank you for following along and please pray we all have a happy ending.

20151115_122737_HDR 20151118_114358 20151227_144909


One Response to About Me

  1. Diane says:

    God BlessYou, you are truly an inspiration,,, and I truly believe you will Beat this Evil disease Gail you will remain in my Thoughts and Prayers to YOU and your Family. Unforantantly my Dear Beloved Brother Alan J 52 yrs of age lost his fight in a matter of 10 weeks it beat him as he tried so Hard to Fight but he Lost God give you Strenght to carry on!,Happy Holidays to You and yours, thank you for sharing!!! Diane Gross


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